Mobility, Communication and Healthcare, to mention a few aspects of our modern life, are driven by ever sophisticated technologies. Albatross Projects is committed to making a significant contribution to those technologies.


In this modern world, our human lives increasingly reliant on ever evolving technology. How easy it is for us to instantly communicate with each other no matter where we are in the world or travel in cars, trains, ships, or airplanes in such safety or receive the necessary medical care to live longerand healthier in ways that were unimaginable just a few decades ago... all of this is due to advanced science and technology to which we at AP Americas are committed to making a significant contribution.


Today, the EMC market is more and more governed by global harmonized standards such as ISO, IEC, CISPR, EN, ANSI, and others. The consequence of this is that manufacturers and sellers of electronic and electrical equipment must demonstrate, through exact and reproducible tests that their products comply with all applicable EMC requirements and safety standards.


We and our business partners that represent us share a business philosophy motivated by passion and conviction; all those involved being committed to the needs of our customers. This is reflected in our continual endeavor to provide excellence of service, the very best of product design, and most importantly, we consider our customers as long-term partners and allies with whom we enjoy mutual trust.


As a system supplier, Albatross Projects ensures by its expertise and strict compliance to quality standards, that all components and equipments installed are part of a wholly integrated facility design and are not just simply ‘added’.


It is our guarantee that all anechoic chambers, shielded enclosures and test sites proposed by Albatross Projects will comply with applicable standards. Our company and its senior technical staff are active members in all relevant standard committees and working groups. This underlines our commitment to continuously accumulate vital know-how and experience to remain at the forefront of “cutting-edge” solutions. We are always involved with and responsive to present and future developments.


From a ready equipped test box to a turnkey anechoic chamber, intrinsic with our knowledge and expertise, there is attention to every detail in our facility designs and in the quality of our products. These are all supported by our highly professional Project Management teams and together with the trust and dedication to our customers, these are the undeniable strengths of Albatross Projects.


These strengths set us apart from others and make us the right partner for you.

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