We consider solutions for a frequency range from several hundred MHz up to 96 GHz. This frequency range has created the demand for specific solutions which we traditionally refer to these as “Antenna Chambers”,“Compact Range”, RCS or tapered Chambers; recently OTA (over-the-air) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Chambers.


In the GHz range many factors must be taken into account during the design. The normal paint finish on the absorbers becomes an issue and cannot be used. This in turn leads to special lighting designs. The test accuracy required not only calls for absorbers with very high HF – absorption properties, but also, accurate geometry of the chamber design and of the positioning systems for the EUT. Selection of auxiliary materials and accessories with regard to their behavior in the GHz frequency range is a must. This market segment shows a total lack of worldwide harmonized standards, almost every EUT being considered as a unique piece of equipment dedicated to a specific purpose accordingly, test procedures and methods are very often developed for task.



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