The after sales service we provide to our customers is as important to us as the initial purchase. We are always willing to share our knowledge and time to maintain and develop the potential of the facility you purchased from us.

Our chamber solutions must be constructed on site to ensure compliance of the individual component parts, equipment and sub-systems with the design drawings and standards, as the company’s quality control procedures.


From the onset, we invest a great deal of attention to this aspect of quality control. We provide thorough training to the installation teams with regular monitoring of quality control procedures, including the importance of the physics associated with the mechanical construction. This approach ensures that we have technically advanced and skilful long-term installation partners, all of whom contribute significantly to the optimization of the facilities final quality, performance, and to the reputation of AP Americas solutions in the marketplace.


For the industrial EMC and government business sectors, AP Americas relies on local installation partners throughout the world. Their technical expertise as well as their ability to understand local language and culture, ensures excellent service to the customer. Project Managers visit regularly during installation for additional support and our strong commitment to customer satisfaction.



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